Aquarium Filters


Powkoo Sponge Filter

How we use it

In our grow tanks, each aquarium has one that is filled with biological media in the canisters.


Why we like it

Well constructed, you can swap filter cartridges between filters to quickly cycle new tanks.


Cool fact

We had an aquarium stocked with 246 one inch angelfish, and this filter handled it. We now have 20+ of these.



EPD Sponge Filter

How we use it

A classic design, we use these in our fry tanks. We have a "large" size filter in each of our 10 gallon fry aquariums.


Why we like it

With other competitors, we found the sponge warped with time and fell off  the stem after a few months. Not with these.


Cool fact

We have fixed airlines and just swap these around as required since they are so simple to pop into place.


Fluval FX6

How we use it

For our large Altum angelfish pairing aquariums, these filters are tasked with keeping 180 gallon tanks clean.


Why we like it

These filters are BEASTS. We built custom spray bars out of PVC and they provide great water flow.


Cool fact

Every important piece of these filters can be replaced for a complete rebuild if ever required.



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