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Tank-Bred Zebra Pleco - L46

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Due to the difficulty in aquiring and importing this awesome fish, we are taking pre-orders for a shipment of Zebra plecos (Hypancistrus Zebra) we will be placing in March, should we hit the minimum requirements for the order.

These fish are tank-bred, free of deformities, and will be kept in our facilities for a week to become acclimated to local waters and to ensure their health. The zebra plecos will be between 1.25-1.5 inches long.

To answer a few questions we've been asked:

  • Why are we importing them? Zebra plecos are actually a threatened speicies, and we feel that we need more tank-bred specimens in the hobby to alleviate the strain on their wild ecosystem. Also, we do not have a breeding colony as of yet.
  • Are you sure they are tank bred? Yes. We are dealing with a proven breeder.
  • Why is there a pre-order? This is an exceptionally priced fish due to its rarity, and we want to ensure there is a demand before ordering. Most fish stores will be able to get 5-10 of these, on rare occasions, due to their cost and availability. We plan on bringing in 50.
  • Will I be billed for these fish in the pre-order? Yes. These fish will be purchased through our store like a normal fish order. Payment will only be accepted through Paypal, where the funds will be held for your piece of mind (see below).
  • What happens if the order doesn't work out and you don't hit your minimum order? We'll keep people who pre-order up to date with bi-weekly emails to let you know where the order stands. If we do not hit our minimum of 40 fish by March 1, 2020, we'll refund all customers who have placed a pre-order in full.
  • Why am I being billed in the pre-order...why can't we just tell you we want them? Retail is a fickle business and we need to ensure that you're as committed as we are.
  • Can I cancel my pre-order if I don't want them anymore? No. We'll only issue refunds if we don't hit the order minimum. If you are not sure if you want these fish, don't place the order.
  • What happens if you hit your pre-order minimum in advance of March? We'll keep customers who pre-ordered up to date on the status. Earlier is always better.
  • Can I come by and pick out my fish? In this case, yes. While we will ensure that every customer gets a fantastic specimen, and their order is filled, you are welcome to come pick out your plecos.
  • How do you quarantine your fish? We'll hold the plecos for 7-10 days. Photos will be sent to customers at this point keeping them up to date. Provided there are no issues with disease, we'll arrange pick-up times with customers during this period who have pre-ordered.
  • Does your Arrive Alive guarantee apply to these plecos? Yes. If we are shipping you these plecos as part of your order, our Arrive guarantee applied.
  • How long do I have to pick-up my order? We'll be in regular contact during the process, and we expect all customers that are picking up fish to do so after the end of the quarantine period. All orders being shipped will be coordinated at the end of the quarantine period.
  • How much is shipping? Free overnight shipping within Ontario. Outside of Ontario, please contact us.
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