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Rio Nanay Scalare (Peruvian Altum)

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These unbelievable fish have all the beauty of altums, but the hardiness of scalare angelfish! Tank bred, they are accustomed to local tap water and are ready for your aquarium. Rio nanays have colouration that's been lost in most aquarium angels, and really become the centrepiece of any show tank. The pictures you're seeing are the actual parents and their spawn.

Please note, all sizes are body size, not including fins. Ages are approximate as some angels grow faster than others.

Size Age Description
Pea 7-10 wees Pea size
Small 10-12 weeks Dime size
Medium 12-16 weeks Quarter to loonie size
Breeder 6 months 3.5-4.5cm
Large 8 months+ Please message for details
Breeding pair Less than 4 yrs Various ages and size.

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