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High Coverage Gold Marble Angelfish

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Extremely limited quantity! These guys are a mix of ultimate coverage koi (f) and an albino gold pearlscale angel (m). What this cross created are high coverage gold marble angelfish, with recessive albino and koi genes. The high gold coverage is carried down from the female, and we expect these fish to be stunning when they grow older!

Why are their quantities so limited? We only have one batch. Sadly, our male died after breeding (we really loved him, it still stings), so this batch is truly one of a kind.

All sizes are body size, not including fins. Ages are approximate as some angels grow faster than others.

Size Age Description
Small 8 weeks Dime size
Medium 12-16 weeks Quarter to loonie size
Breeder 6 months 3.5-4.5cm
Large 8 months+ Please message for details
Breeding pair Less than 4 yrs Various ages and size.

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