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1951 Rathburn Rd E

Mississauga, ON   L4W 2N9

Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy

  1. We do not charge a packaging fee. The rates dictated to us by the shipping company are what you are billed.

  2. All shipments with live fish require overnight shipping. Same day service can be discussed if you feel it necessary.

  3. Stated shipping prices are approximate to your province through FedEx. We have negotiated great rates with our shippers and work to apply those savings to you. Should your order exceed the norm, we will contact you prior to shipping.

  4. Overnight shipping does not mean the fish will arrive the day after you place your order. We will contact you and confirm a date you will be home to receive the fish in order to ensure their safe arrival.

  5. A signature will be required to receive the shipment.

  6. Dry goods will not be shipped with live fish.

  7. We can ship fish in the middle of winter, but these will incur extra costs for styro, heat packs, and insulation.

Shipping to the United States

  1. Customers are responsible for being aware of rules and requirements for importing fish into the U.S.A.

  2. We will only ship to states with ports of entry that have Fish and Wildlife Service offices. 

    1. See ​here for a list of ports of entry:

  3. Shipments ​will be sent via Air Canada Cargo or Westjet Cargo and will be required to be picked up at the airport.

Returns & Arrive Alive Guarantee

  • We do not offer returns or exchanges on live fish or opened product.

  • We offer no guarantees or returns on products bought through our affiliates (Amazon, etc.). Any guarantees offered are by those sellers.

  • Our Arrive Alive guarantee promises that your fish will arrive alive and in good health.

  • You must notify us of dead fish within 2 hours of signing for the package. 

    • If the fish are dead in the bag, send us a photo clearly showing the dead fish and the sealed bag.

    • Should the fish die during acclimation, a photo and video must be sent of the dead fish on a dry piece of paper towel​.

  • We are not responsible for delays by the shipping carriers that lead to the death of the fish in the shipment.

  • We do not refund the cost of shipping.

  • The Arrive Alive guarantee is not offered in winter, between the months of October to April.

  • Altum angelfish do not qualify for the Arrive Alive guarantee.

    • Altum angelfish are only guaranteed alive on arrival. If an altum angelfish dies during shipping, a photo AND video of the dead fish in our sealed bag is required within 1 hour of delivery.​

  • We do not offer our Arrive Alive guarantee on pick-up orders. Fish that are meant for pick-up are caught 30 minutes before your arrival.

  • Our Arrive Alive guarantee does not apply to international orders. 

  • If the conditions of the Arrive Alive guarantee are met, we will replace the fish with a new fish.

    • The customer is required to pay the new shipping costs.

    • Only if we no longer have a fish in stock that matches the fish being replaced will we issue a refund for the cost of the fish.