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1951 Rathburn Rd E

Mississauga, ON   L4W 2N9

Orinoco altum angelfish, first generation tank-bred. Best in a species-only aquarium, these fish are a wonder to behold.


Note: all of our F1 altums have been bred in modified water, and have been acclimated to tap water conditions for at least 4 weeks before sale. 

Altum Angelfish - F1

SKU: 0001
  • Please note, all sizes are body size, not including fins. Ages are approximate as some angels grow faster than others.


    Size Age Description
    Small 8 weeks Dime size
    Medium 12-16 weeks Quarter to loonie size
    Breeder 6 months 3.5-4.5cm
    Large 8 months+ Please message for details
    Breeding pair Less than 4 yrs Various ages and size.